NBC Births First Look At ROSEMARY’S BABY Mini-Series!

NBC is continuing to adapt more beloved horror fare for primetime with a four horror, two-part mini-series of ROSEMARY’S BABY, that’ll air sometime this Summer. Normally we wouldn’t garner much anticipation for the genre to be given justice on basic cable, but a little show named HANNIBAL has changed that forever. Apart from currently being […]

Hallelujah! NBC Has Renewed HANNIBAL For A Second Season!

For a minute there it looked like NBC was about to make the dumbest decision ever by cancelling HANNIBAL, Bryan Fuller’s (DEAD LIKE ME, PUSHING DAISIES) incredible TV series based on Thomas Harris’ novel RED DRAGON. Luckily they’ve realized HANNIBAL is the best show on network television, and have come to their senses by renewing […]

NBC Serves Up A Full Trailer For HANNIBAL Series!

A couple weeks ago NBC premiered a sneak peak trailer for their prequel television series, HANNIBAL, which gave us a vague look at Mads Mikkelsen’s portrayal of the cannibalistic doctor. Our curiosity was certainly piqued, but this newly released trailer will having me tuning into to it’s premiere. It’s dark, stylized, and the exchanges between […]

First Trailer for NBC’s HANNIBAL TV Series!

Entertainment Weekly has premiered the debut trailer for showrunner Bryan Fuller (PUSHING DAISES, MOCKINGBIRD LANE)’s upcoming HANNIBAL, a TV series based on by far one of the most notorious fictional serial killers of all time. Color me anxious, as it’s looking pretty interesting, with VALHALLA RISING & CASINO ROYALE star Mads Mikkelsen taking over the […]