Watch Musical Slasher STAGE FRIGHT Hit Some Bloody High Notes In Debut Red Band Trailer!

Don’t you love when something completely sneaks under the radar, and then becomes one of your most anticipated instantly? That looks to be the case with STAGE FRIGHT, a musical cum horror-comedy with a masked killer that would look right at home in a golden age 80s slasher! I mean, look at that poster above! […]


Director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer/artist/singer Terrance Zdunich are back with their follow-up project to the cult film REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA; this time they’re unleashing something called THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL. Not quite a feature length film, but also not a short, the first teaser trailer for the project has debuted with the promise of […]

Shriekfest 2011 Movie Review: THE DEAD INSIDE

Written and Directed By Travis Betz Cast: Sarah Lassez, Dustin Fasching The next Shriekfest screener received, and thusly viewed, was THE DEAD INSIDE. I want to go on record here and state I’ve been having a hard time coming to terms with this movie. Everything seemed to be there: a unique perspective, above average acting, […]