As humans, we tend to think that we are compassionate, gentle, and genuinely good people,…unless of course, we’re put into a kill or be killed situation. Then that goes out the door, turning things around, and making us into the very things we fear. Paul Hough’s THE HUMAN RACE shows us just how real, and terrifying this […]

Review: SNOWPIERCER (2014)!

It is the year 2031. Global warming has frozen the planet, killing millions in its wake. What’s left of humanity has boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that circles the entire world, and keeps necessary conditions inside its walls to sustain life. Lately, Curtis has been receiving cryptic messages that have urged him to start a […]


  The third film in a series featuring Rusty Nail, a malicious and downright evil trucker getting his kicks by taking people who piss him off and giving them gruesome death scenes, JOY RIDE 3 is no Citizen Kane, but instead, one hell of a silly and fun little splatter flick. Walking into the movie expecting something completely wonderful will […]

Beyond Fright Review: THE MOMENT

  *Editor’s note:  THE MOMENT in now playing in NYC  and opens in LA at the Sundance Sunset in West Hollywood beginning Friday, June 20th, with  Q&A’s  featuring  writer/director Jane Weinstock, producer Julia Eisenman, and producer Gloria Norris on June 20th and June 21st at 7:30 pm. From the very start of THE MOMENT, the film has a […]

Beyond Fright Review: SON OF GHOSTMAN

Denny McNamara hasn’t been having the best of luck lately. His girlfriend Renee dumped him, his brother is threatening to to sell Denny’s house if he can’t come up with next month’s rent, and he’s become so unsure of himself, he’s beginning to question his real purpose in life. Like many horror fans, Denny has […]

Beyond Fright Review: SAVING GRACE B. JONES

  You’ve got to hand it to distribution companies. Always good at marketing, they’re able to take a film that is one thing, and make it look as if it’s an entirely different entity altogether. Case in point: Image Entertainment’s DVD artwork for THE INVOKING, full of huge mansions and ghosts, when in reality the […]


Hauntings and originality don’t mix well these days in films. While as viewers, we’re typically left with Ghosts in Georgia, exorcisms, haunted houses and whatever else we’re spoonfed at a rapid pace as of late, let’s just face it: an original take on ghost-filled horror films just isn’t something that happens very often. Lucky for […]

Review: ANNA

There is something fascinating about the concept of a person with the ability to get into another person’s mind, with also having the ability to experience their memories. This is the case in Jorge Dorado’s film ANNA.  Also known in other regions as MINDSCAPE,  the film is an experience, full of the thrill of a universe […]