There’s something incredibly powerful when genre films are elevated by great writing. As a fan of horror, there is no greater reward to being given a hell of a story in which you CARE and sympathize for every character in front of you. It’s what sets certain horror films apart from typical slasher fare, and […]

Review: STUNG

“What’s a bee’s favorite movie?” When I was a kid, there was a TV show that showed a reenactment of a kid outside at a picnic. When he was not playing, he would go sit down at the table for a bite or a sip from his soda can. However, what he didn’t notice was […]

El Rey Network Brings A Monstrous Holiday Season With KAIJU Christmas Marathon!!

DESTRUCTION!! ATOMIC MONSTERS!! KAIJU!! Fans of monsters, buildings being destroyed and just Kaiju films in general can rejoice, with the announcement of the El Rey Network’s “Kaiju Christmas Marathon”. Bringing fans a whole 48 hours comprised of Godzilla, Rodan and just about every other creature looking to step on people and business, the lineup looks […]

Scott Atkins and Dolph Lundgren Team up to Battle the “Shocate” Creature in LEGENDARY, Hitting DVD/VOD July 29th!

Being a product of the ’80s, very few people make me as excited as Dolph Lundgren does. I grew up with I COME IN PEACE, THE PUNISHER, SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO, and every other film he was in. Yes, his recent output might be less than stellar, but it would be a lie if I […]

Movie Review: STORAGE 24!!

I love monster movies. They have a power to them, to serve as a means to push characters into action and into facing things they wouldn’t normally face, whether it be the obvious danger from said monster, or the internal conflicts that they normally wouldn’t have the courage to address. That’s what made 2008’s CLOVERFIELD […]


Last week I decided to write about a more recent film, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, just to switch things up. This week, for E.A. #10, I thought it’d be cool to go back a while to 1980 and write about a movie that I grew up loving: the laughable but highly entertaining ALLIGATOR. So, […]