Fright Exclusive Interview With Mondo Poster Artist Jay Shaw!!

Poster artist Jay Shaw has already made a name for himself by creating some of the coolest prints for Mondo, Gallery 1988 and more than a handful of other studios. While a lot of other artists feel the need to throw every single detail of a film into their posters, Shaw’s style is a very […]

POLTERGEIST Vinyl & FRIDAY THE 13TH Print Coming From Mondo!

Mondo, who is responsible for a steady amount of badass limited prints and collectible vinyl soundtracks, announced two upcoming releases that are guaranteed to be collectible greatness. On February 14th, Valentine’s Day (at a random time, like always) Mondo will release a new FRIDAY THE 13TH poster by comic book artist Francesco Francavilla. Limited to […]

MONDO releases JAWS print!!!

All you poster collectors or just people who dig cool stuff in general, I have got some cool news for you! As if MONDO, the most badass folks at releasing limited prints of cult and popular films and now vinyl and vhs releases of classic horror films coldn’t do any better, they pull out the […]

Mondo To Release THE DEADLY SPAWN Soundtrack Vinyl!

It’s no secret that I’m a Mondo fan, as I wear my love for them proudly on my sleeve. My apartment is decorated wall to wall with their amazing prints, everything from Daniel Danger’s recent PSYCHO print to a print of MIMIC signed by Del Toro himself, I worship their stuff and I have no […]

Awesome Mondo-Style EVIL DEAD Trilogy Animated Short!

The subject header says it all. This is an awesome animated short covering some of the iconic moments of the EVIL DEAD trilogy (primarily EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN with a touch of ARMY OF DARKNESS in there for good measure)! Daniel K. Kanemoto of Ex Mortis Films directed the clip which was inspired […]