Virgin slasher film CHERRY FALLS gets Scream Factory Treatment This March!

Geoffrey Wright’s 2000 slasher CHERRY FALLS brought a whole new angle to the teenage body count film, opting for a killer preying on virgins, instead of the more promiscuous approach that most slashers are known for. An extremely underrated and under appreciated film upon its initial release, the Brittany Murphy and Michael Biehn-led film is […]

Interview: Michael Biehn Talks Comedy Series 24 HOUR RENTAL, ALIEN 5!

When I joined the Icons of Fright team as a contributor a few years back, the first interview I conducted was with a childhood hero of mine, Michael Biehn. Biehn and his wife/producing partner Jennifer Blanc-Biehn were in Los Angeles, doing a signing at Burbank’s Dark Delicacies and were both nice enough to take a […]

Beyond Fright Review: SAVING GRACE B. JONES

  You’ve got to hand it to distribution companies. Always good at marketing, they’re able to take a film that is one thing, and make it look as if it’s an entirely different entity altogether. Case in point: Image Entertainment’s DVD artwork for THE INVOKING, full of huge mansions and ghosts, when in reality the […]

Craziness Runs In The Family In SAVING GRACE B. JONES, Heading To DVD In May!

Heading to DVD on May 27th, Connie Steven(THE PARTY CRASHERS, BACK TO THE BEACH)’s Southern Gothic Thriller SAVING GRACE B. JONES looks like it could be some fun, boasting a cast filled with Michael Biehn, Scott Wilson and Tatum O’Neal. Judging from the trailer, it seems like it could be a decent little thriller. As always, […]


Michael Biehn is no stranger to adversaries. He’s fictionally gone up against Arnold (James Cameron’s 1984 action classic, The Terminator), Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday (The 1993 western masterpiece Tombstone), and just about everyone else under the sun. His career thus far has spanned decades, and he’s dabbled in pretty much every genre possible (even […]