New Documentary To Explore THE HISTORY OF HORROR & METAL!

Like beer and pizza, quite possibly the other greatest pairing of all time are horror and metal. It’s a perfect marriage, and both go together gloriously. Why, you may ask? Obvious reasons aside, a new documentary titled THE HISTORY OF HORROR AND METAL, is nearing the finish line that delves into why gore and head-banging […]

Satan, Gore and METAL Fill up New Trailer For Horror/Comedy DEATHGASM!!

Earlier this year, during SXSW, we were able to catch Jason Lei Howden’s heavy metal splatterfest DEATHGASM (review). It was, to put it lightly, one of the most impressive horror/comedies of all time and will without a doubt, go down as one of the genre’s lasting gems. The official trailer for the film has now dropped […]

BEYOND FRIGHT: Every Time I Die’s “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space” & “Revival Mode” Videos

By far one of my favorite bands of all time, Buffalo, NY’s Every Time I Die has always been a juggernaut of craziness. A band that can be heavy as possible, but can throw out some soulful melodies at the drop of a dime, the band has always had a knack for not only creating […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With ATREYU’s Alex Varkatzas!!

Orange County’s Atreyu made quite the name for themselves, releasing their debut EP in 1998, followed by five studio albums of bone-crushing songs, showcasing an intensity mixed with impressive melody at the same time. Taking a much needed break in 2011, the members jumped into various other ventures, with vocalist Alex Varkatzas teaming up with […]

Beyond Fright: Brand New Lyric Video For Ex-Misfits’ Guitarist DOYLE’s “Valley of Shadows”

Little known secret: I’m a huge Misfits fan. I worship the Danzig-era, equally dig the Michale Graves-era and downright want to vomit at the present day incarnation of the band (if you would call it that), but yeah, Misfits forever for me. So, imagine my surprise when out of nowhere, ex-Misfits guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang Von […]

BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – ANVIL “Straight Between The Eyes”

Happy Friday, Fiends! Recently I watched the incredible rock doc ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL , and fell head over heels in love with the Canadian trio’s hair metal tunes. I was completely unfamiliar with the band, but during the film I heard a guitar opening that sounded somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t place where […]

BEYOND FRIGHT – Song Of The Week: ALICE IN CHAINS “Them Bones”

Rejoice! The weekend is upon us! Some of you are getting ready to go catch PROMETHEUS. Some of you are just going to kick back, relax at home and have a beer. Well either way, what better way to kick it off than with Icons Of Fright’s “Song Of The Week”! Last week, we gave […]