Like found footage, zombie films and a half a dozen other horror subgenres, the demonic possession film has seen quite the resurgence in recent years, with at least twelve films being released just this year alone, all involving an unfortunate soul being taken over by a demonic entity or the big guy downstairs himself. While […]

One-Sheet/Trailer Debut For Demonic Possession Film, THE VATICAN TAPES

Having made his mark as one part of the Neveldine/Taylor filmmaking duo (co-directors of CRANK, GAMER and GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE), Mark Neveldine’s first solo effort, the Michael Peña-led good vs. evil film THE VATICAN TAPES, is set to possess horror audiences when it hits theaters this July 24th, via Pantelion Films. The official one […]

CRANK Director Signs on to Show Us THE VATICAN TAPES!!

I did not like GHOST RIDER: GHOST OF VENGEANCE much, but it was definitely a step up from the first GHOST RIDER film, and I think the slight improvements it made were due to it being directed by frantic as hell directors Neveldine & Taylor. The duo had previously directed the CRANK films as well […]

Trailer Round-Up & Going BEYOND FRIGHT!

In the last week, a handful of trailers for theatrical releases next year have made their on-line debut, and while I can get away talking about things like Ghost Rider, Cabin In The Woods and maybe even Men In Black 3 on a horror site, we thought now was as good a time as any […]