I am a sucker for maternal thrillers. From ’90s popcorn thrillers like THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE to the brutal extremism of INSIDE, crazy mothers hit a soft spot for me and part of it may be due to the fact that the motivation is right there. There’s no need for an extensive backstory […]

Magnolia Sends CASSADAGA Director’s LAST SHIFT to DVD/Bluray This October

Films that deal with a single night at a location going horribly wrong are right up this writer’s alley. ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, LET US PREY, I just have such a love for that kind of film. I also loved director Anthony DiBlasi’s film CASSADAGA, so the announcement that we’re getting a DiBlasi film that, guess […]

Bluray Review: HONEYMOON And Why It’s An Important Genre Film

While we post a hefty amount of DVD and Bluray reviews here on good ol’ Icons of Fright, every once in a while, there are films that arrive that warrant a bit more than just your typical “this is why you need to/don’t need to buy this” review. The power of the horror genre is […]

M Is For Must Buy! ABCs OF DEATH Limited Edition Book & Blu-ray!

Bust open those piggie bank kids, you’re gonna want this. Drafthouse Films is selling an exclusive, limited edition of 666 (!), hardcover book based on their insane anthology film ABCs OF DEATH! Each letter is given it’s own page complete with illustrated artwork & demented rhymes! The kicker? It’s 51 pages in total, and comes […]

Magnet Releasing’s 23:59 Headed to Bluray/DVD This June!

Magnet Releasing is gearing up to release Gilbert Chan’s haunted island film 23:59 on June 4th and it looks like a pretty spooky film to watch for. I’m sucker for anything set in the ’80s, so I’m anxious to see how this one fares. What do you Fright Fiends think? “During a routine road march […]

Magnolia Adds Anthology Sequel S-VHS To Their Collection!

Independent distributor Magnolia Pictures has again acquired the rights to the growing franchise, with the newly premiered sequel S-VHS! Last year, Magnolia swooped in and grabbed the rights after a bidding war, which was the same case here with Lionsgate and Drafthouse Films looking to secure the film. Reviews out of its Park City midnight […]

[REC] 3: GENESIS Couldn’t Come Soon Enough!

Ah yes. I know, I know. I’m way behind on posting this new poster for [REC] 3 that debuted last week, but I’ll take any chance I can to gush about the [REC] movies! So here we go… I absolutely love the first [REC]. I consider it not only the best “zombie” movie of the […]