The anthology genre is not a new concept in horror as many fans my age grew up on classics such as CREEPSHOW and TALES FROM THE CRYPT. As I got older, its popularity leveled down a bit until a mini resurgence in recent years. On television we have AMERICAN HORROR STORY where every year brings […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE Directors Lucky McKee & Chris Silvertson!

Lucky McKee and Chris Silvertson are known for the darker films that both have made individually. McKee turned genre heads with 2002’s MAY, as well as various other films, while Silvertson came onto the scene with his adaption of the Jack Ketchum novel, THE LOST in 2005 before taking on the Lindsay Lohan thriller, I […]


Anyone with even a slight knowledge of Lucky McKee and Chris Silvertson’s prior filmography might be caught off guard walking into ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE. Sure the two filmmakers had previously co-directed an early in their careers incarnation of the film before, but with films like MAY, THE WOODS and THE WOMAN being directed by McKee and Silvertson’s […]