Ya know what? I love soundtracks. And one of the (many) things that sets our beloved horror genre apart from other genres of film is the ambitious and radical music that usually accompanies our fright filled movies. 2013 was a strong, strong year for horror, but more than anything, there was a huge resurgence in […]

Sexy Vampire Film KISS OF THE DAMNED Coming to BLURAY/DVD This July!!

Xan Cassavetes’ KISS OF THE DAMNED was a breath of fresh air for the vampire genre (review), and lucky for horror fans, it’s been recently announced that the erotic vampire film will be heading to DVD/BLURAY on July 23rd, via Magnet Releasing. “Beautiful vampire Djuna (Joséphine de La Baume) tries to resist the advances of […]

Some Vampire Lovin’ in Brand New NSFW KISS OF THE DAMNED Clip!!

If there’s a clip from KISS OF THE DAMNED that could be labeled as not safe for work (NSFW), it would definitely be this one. So put the kiddos down for their naps and get ready for some serious vampire lovin’ with this clip, exclusively available via Hulu, and if you’re up for it, check […]

Movie Review: KISS OF THE DAMNED!!

Vampires should not be sparkly teenagers full of angst and awkwardness, at least not in my opinion. Somewhere in the last few years, all of the elements that made the vampire character so damn appealing, have been sucked up and recycled into the current trend of whatever passes for bloodsuckers these days. The same could […]

Red Band Trailer for KISS OF THE DAMNED Shows its Fangs!!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I was excited to see a vampire movie. Aside from Matt Reeves’ LET THE RIGHT ONE IN remake LET ME IN, there hasn’t been anything having to do with fanged characters that has made me want to do anything other than shoot myself, but that definitely looks like […]