Eli Roth-Produced CLOWN Finally Gets Release Date; Hitting Theaters/VOD This June

Jon Watts’ CLOWN has already reached legendary status, without most horror fans even seeing it yet. Originally made a fake trailer, one that featured Eli Roth’s name attached as a joke, it didn’t take long before Roth and Co. actually approached Watts to do a feature version. While it was filmed some time ago, genre […]

Movie Review: STITCHES!!

Every once in a while, a film comes your way that you have a feeling about. One that after it’s over, you instantly re-watch to see if it was really as good as you thought it was the first time around. There is something about those kinds of films that gives you the feeling that […]

Killer Clown film STITCHES Raises Hell This April!!

British comedian Ross Noble dons some greasepaint and murderous intentions in Conor McMahon (DEAD MEAT) ‘s new killer clown film STITCHES. We’ve been hearing tons of praise on this one, and judging from the trailer, it’s well deserved. “Years after a cruel kids’ prank during a birthday party for 8-year-old Tommy (Tommy Knight, DOCTOR WHO, […]