It’s pretty apparent when a film takes itself a bit too seriously. On the flipside to that, it’s also apparent when you know that the actors involved in a film are well aware of it being a tad bit silly, and in turn, give performances that are not only in on the joke, but are […]


Eugenio Mira’s thriller GRAND PIANO hits Bluray and DVD today (May 21st), and we were lucky enough to take a look at the Bluray. Having seen the film at last year’s Fantastic Fest film festival in Texas, I already knew it was a solid, fast-paced thriller, but was unsure how a repeat viewing would hold […]

The Week In Horror March 5th, 2012

Whew! Apologies for already falling behind on the “Week in Horror” column, but I had a visitor in from out of town (Vin Technoweenie from the very early days of Icons Of Fright!) and there’s that pesky “day job”, but I regress! Let’s get right to it then, lots going on in the horror world! […]

Vintage ICONS Interview: Savage Steve Holland!

At around 10 years old while completely unsupervised by any parents, my older cousins inadvertently created my obsession and fanaticism for horror films by forcing me to sit through the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Nervous that they’d scarred me for life, my cousins immediately followed it up with BETTER OFF DEAD, mostly to prove […]