CONTEST – Win A Free $15 iTunes Giftcard With THE DEVIL’S HAND Prophecy Party App!!

Dexter fans needing their Jennifer Carpenter fix can get just that, with a special contest that Icons of Fright and Partnershub is teaming up for, giving one lucky reader a free $15 iTunes giftcard to download THE DEVIL’S HAND, a brand new cult-like film Starring Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter), Rufus Sewell (Dark City), and Adelaide Kane (The […]

DEXTER’s Jennifer Carpenter Involved In Satanic Devout Cult Film THE DEVIL’S HAND; Trailer Online

With DEXTER fans still feeling the sting of that finale (WHY GOD WHY?!!), fans of Jennifer Carpenter can now rejoice, as the debut trailer for Christian E. Christiansen’s THE DEVIL’S HAND (hitting VOD/theaters on Oct.10th) has finally hit. Written by MR. JONES director Karl Mueller, the film revolves around a devout village of religious fanatics who believe that […]

This Is It… Full Trailer For DEXTER: The Final Season Arrives!

As the ads have been promising, “The End Begins June 30th,” and that’s when Showtime begins unveiling brand new episodes for the 8th and final season of their hit series DEXTER. We’ve gotten little glimpses of what this final season will hold in store, but now the network has just revealed a full length trailer […]

The DEXTER “Blood Theme” Alaska In Winter Remix!

As a die-hard fan of Showtime’s DEXTER and an appreciator of score music in general (see or better yet hear proof of that HERE and HERE), I happen to be a huge fan of the musical landscape created for the series by composer Daniel Licht. While Rolfe Kent may have come up with that catchy […]

The Dark Passenger Revealed In This Full Trailer For DEXTER Season 7!

We’re just a month shy from the premiere of the brand new season of DEXTER, which most fans have been eagerly anticipating since the closing moments of Season 6. Now, it looks like Season 7 will pick up exactly at that last moment and while we’ve gotten glimpses as of what to expect from previous […]

Another DEXTER TV Spot – “The Last Piece”

The latest season of Showtime’s DEXTER doesn’t kick off until September 30th, but that hasn’t stopped the network from cranking out a series of teaser spots for what’s in store with this upcoming 7th season. And judging from this clip, it looks like all the pieces are coming together for Deb. (Finally!) Check out “The […]

The First 2 Minutes Of DEXTER Season 7!!!

Alright. I’m sure like most of you fellow DEXTER fans, you’re eager to find out how the events of last season’s finale will unfold. Well, damn those Showtime peeps – they’ve released the first 2 minutes to the first episode of Season 7 which you can watch below. More on that and some other fun […]

Ha! A 15 Second Sneak Peek at DEXTER Season 7!

Alright. So we got THIS sneak peek teaser trailer for Showtime’s upcoming seventh season of DEXTER last week. The cable network has unveiled yet another tease which promises never before seen exclusive footage. Ready for it? Here it goes: OK, I gotta admit. I kinda laughed at the idea. Then I watched it again. Chuckled […]