Filmmakers Offer Downloadable Commentary For WOULD YOU RATHER!!

David Guy Levy’s WOULD YOU RATHER caught me off guard to say the least. Expecting a typical torture filled entry akin to the HOSTEL series or similar films, I was pleasantly surprised to instead be treated to a fun as hell movie that stayed with me long after it was over (review). Now, it looks […]


Choices, whether they be taking a beating or giving that beating to someone else; choosing to be held underwater or to take whatever punishment a mystery card has in store. Those choices are what make up David Guy Levy’s WOULD YOU RATHER. “In the wake of her parent’s death, Iris (Brittany Snow, PROM NIGHT, PITCH […]

Fangoria Wants You To See WOULD YOU RATHER For Free!

Fresh off of their recent hosting of SPIDERS 3D, our pals at Fangoria have asked us to help them spread the word on another movie hookup of theirs, this time for NY horror-fans! Fangoria will host a free screening of the new Jeffrey Combs horror-thriller WOULD YOU RATHER on Thursday, February 7 at 7:30 p.m. […]

RE-ANIMATOR Comes To Life On Blu-ray Sept. 4th!

Rejoice! Finally after much speculation, Image Entertainment has confirmed that Stuart Gordon’s classic 1985 horror-comedy RE-ANIMATOR is headed to a bonus feature packed Blu-ray this September 4th! RE-ANIMATOR’s HD debut is being touted as having a transfer approved by producer & Bride of/Beyond Re-Animator director Brian Yuzna, so that’s a nice glimmer of hope for […]

RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL Comes To NYC! July 17th-22nd!

For all you New Yorkers that were jealous of us fiends in Los Angeles being treated to several performances of RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL, the laugh-out-loud stage show directed by Stuart Gordon, who also helmed the original film, brace yourselves! The show comes to New York City for 7 brief performances between July 17th thru July […]

A Sense Of Nostalgia for FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES

As I sit here and kick off the day with my normal morning routine – check email, drink coffee, crank film score music in iTunes on random, the theme for Freddy’s Nightmares came on and I got a sudden sense of nostalgia for this show I so fondly remember from my very early teenage years. […]