Fright Rags Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of JAWS With EPIC Collection!!

There’s no denying how much of a mark that Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film JAWS made on cinema and theater-goers everywhere. The films is a classic in every sense of the word, and its imagery is instantly recognizable worldwide. With Fright-Rags releasing a continual output of awesome genre-inspired t-shirts, it was only a matter of time […]

BJ Colangelo’s Horror Movie Guide to Overcoming Pancreatic Cancer

Happy November, Icons of Fright readers!  As you all recover from the Breast Cancer Awareness pink washed items at your local grocery store fighting with the Halloween themed goodies, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to paint the world purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month.  Boasting a 4% survival rate after five years, Pancreatic Cancer […]


What better way to celebrate Icons of Fright’s ten year anniversary, than with a barrage of our favorites?, whether they be lists of our favorite entries into the French horror genre, our favorite badasses, or like this one, the films that make up what is (in my opinion), the greatest horror films of all time. […]

GeekNation’s Mosters Bring A New Kind Of Motion To Your Movie Poster

We all love movie posters. I couldn’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent crawling through cool poster artwork on Mondo and Reelizer. Well, the folks over at GeekNation have created a new section on their site devoted to Mosters.  The term “Moster” was coined by GeekNation and is basically a high resolution animation […]

Classic Trailers: JAWS (1975)!!

I’m not even going to play the tough guy role with this one. Steven Spielberg’s classic, JAWS, still scares the absolute shit out of me. It would be a lie if I said that I don’t watch it at least once a week, because I do, and it NEVER fails at reducing me to a […]


Last week I decided to write about a more recent film, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, just to switch things up. This week, for E.A. #10, I thought it’d be cool to go back a while to 1980 and write about a movie that I grew up loving: the laughable but highly entertaining ALLIGATOR. So, […]

MONDO releases JAWS print!!!

All you poster collectors or just people who dig cool stuff in general, I have got some cool news for you! As if MONDO, the most badass folks at releasing limited prints of cult and popular films and now vinyl and vhs releases of classic horror films coldn’t do any better, they pull out the […]

3 Clips From BAIT 3D TO Whet Your Appetite!

So, BAIT 3D will have a limited theatrical run on September 14th, followed by an immediate Blu-Ray/DVD release 4 days later on September 18th. But early word on the flick is… it’s actually a lot of fun! Bummer that it’s not going wider for it’s theatrical release then. You can however rally as many of […]