When it comes to post-apocalyptic films, we’ve unfortunately seen most of what the subgenre tends to offer. Dry, desolate nothings, filled with weathered clothes, a thirst for water or blood and a lot of facial hair. Sure, sometimes that’s fine and wonderful (see  or see my fist to your face..not really, but really, see it.), […]

First Trailer/Poster for Post-Apocalyptic HOW TO SAVE US hits; Looks like a wild ride!

Jason Trost is a guy who refuses to slow down. The writer/director of THE FP, WET AND RECKLESS and ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE is continually writing and getting projects going, and one that I for one have been incredibly excited to check out is his post-apocalyptic film HOW TO SAVE US (being released on June 5th). […]


Jason Trost aka JTRO is no stranger the world independent genre films.  The mind behind films like ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE, WET AND RECKLESS, and the Drafthouse Films release THE FP, in addition to acting in HATCHET III.  Recently, JTRO took the time to chat with Icons of Fright about acting, inspirations, and his newest […]

Beyond Fright Exclusive Interview with ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE/WET AND RECKLESS Director Jason Trost!

Actor Jason Trost (THE FP, THIS IS THE END, HATCHET III) is gearing up to raise funding via crowd-funding site, Indiegogo, to make his fourth feature as a director, A WORLD WITHOUT SUPERHEROES, the sequel to 2011’s ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE. Jason was nice enough to give Icons of Fright the lowdown on why he […]

Derek Mears & More Head Into The Swamp For HATCHET 3!

Adam Green’s Hatchet films have built a reputation of not only being incredibly gory & jaw-droppingly inventive thanks to the advent of good ‘ol practical effects, but also for it’s casting which is essentially The Avengers of the horror genre. Green’s debut film assembled horror titans such as Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Tony Todd & effects legend […]