The Dark Passenger Revealed In This Full Trailer For DEXTER Season 7!

We’re just a month shy from the premiere of the brand new season of DEXTER, which most fans have been eagerly anticipating since the closing moments of Season 6. Now, it looks like Season 7 will pick up exactly at that last moment and while we’ve gotten glimpses as of what to expect from previous […]

Ha! A 15 Second Sneak Peek at DEXTER Season 7!

Alright. So we got THIS sneak peek teaser trailer for Showtime’s upcoming seventh season of DEXTER last week. The cable network has unveiled yet another tease which promises never before seen exclusive footage. Ready for it? Here it goes: OK, I gotta admit. I kinda laughed at the idea. Then I watched it again. Chuckled […]

“Truth Brings Light”? New Teaser for DEXTER Season 7!

This new teaser for Showtime’s upcoming 7th season of DEXTER is reliant on you knowing how Season 6 ended, so if you haven’t watched the 6th season yet, consider this a major spoiler. Although it was bound to come to this eventually anyways! Check out this tease of what’s to come! DEXTER season 7 picks […]

First Tease of DEXTER Season 7; TRUE BLOOD Season 5!

Showtime has released a tease (and we do mean tease) for the upcoming 7th season of DEXTER. It’s literally “maybe everything is exactly as it should be”, so take from that brief line what you will. Michael C. Hall returns as the title character as does the majority of the principle cast. New additions to […]