Review: FELT

“My life is a fucking nightmare.” That opening line sets the tone for FELT, spoken in voice over by Amy (Amy Everson, who co-wrote the film with directed Jason Banker, (TOAD ROAD), based on experiences in her past) as she is walking barefoot down the street, sporting what looks to be a frog onesie. I’m […]

Icons of Fright talks to FELT Director Jason Banker and Star/Co-Writer Amy Everson

Jason Banker’s FELT is now in theaters and is a film that screams to be watched. Revolving around a victim of rape and the psychological damage she goes through and the various ways she copes with it, the film is quite easily one of the best of the year. Banker, along with the film’s star […]

Incredibly Effective Thriller FELT Headed to DVD Courtesy of Anchor Bay!

Creating quite a lot of buzz in every festival it has played at, Jason Banker’s FELT, the collaborative film between the TOAD ROAD director and artist/writer/actress Amy Everson, is not only hitting VOD on July 21st via Amplify Releasing, but now has a DVD street date as well. The film, which deals with the after-effects and psychological downfall […]

Check Out The First Images And Trailer For TOAD ROAD

Still living vicariously through those of you at Fantasia Film Festival, here’s a few tidbits on Jason Banker’s directorial debut.   TOAD ROAD is a psychological film that’s a bold attempt at portraying today’s youth culture, or so reports.  From viewing the images and trailer below, we’ll just have to take their word for […]