Henry Rollins-led HE NEVER DIED Launches Campaign To Expand U.S. Release; Red-Band Trailer Debut

One of the many genre gems that caught our attention during this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival was the Henry Rollins-led film HE NEVER DIED (review). Directed by Jason Krawczyk, the film follows Jack (Henry Rollins), a guy who has a very set daily routine which involves TV, bingo,..and well,..being a 10,000 year old […]


Jason Trost aka JTRO is no stranger the world independent genre films.  The mind behind films like ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE, WET AND RECKLESS, and the Drafthouse Films release THE FP, in addition to acting in HATCHET III.  Recently, JTRO took the time to chat with Icons of Fright about acting, inspirations, and his newest […]

ICONS Own Adam Barnick Needs Your Help With These RIVULETS Videos!

OK, look – here’s the scoop. One of our nearest and dearest contributors here on ICONS OF FRIGHT is Adam Barnick. If you’ve been a faithful reader of this site since our conception or even a casual reader (or even a newbie!), then I have no doubt that you’ve read his stuff. He’s the one […]