Review: VANISH

It’s a very satisfactory feeling to come across films these days that are concerned with not only being entertaining, but a lot of FUN. Films that are not only throwbacks to the exploitation films of the old days, but are also able to recapture that feeling of bloody and hilariously  fun genre films (another one […]

Review: Henrique Couto’s ‘SCAREWAVES’

Ohio filmmaker Henrique Couto has made quite a name for himself with flicks ranging from the throwback feeling HAUNTED HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW or BABYSITTER MASSACRE to the family friendly film, A BULLDOG FOR CHRISTMAS.  His latest venture is an anthology horror film titled SCAREWAVES, scheduled for release next summer by Camp Motion Pictures. SCAREWAVES follows […]

Icons of Fright Interview with actor/writer/director Amanda Aday!

(photo credit: Collette Lash Photography Known for her recurring role as Dora Mae Dreifuss on HBO’s CARNIVALE (amongst countless other projects), Amanda Aday has surely proven herself as much more than “Meat Loaf’s Daughter.”  An actress and writer, Aday has recently taken the leap to try her hand at directing, with her new horror […]


(Author’s Note: BJ Colangelo is a professional bleeding heart for the independent film genre and would like to spend one day a week focusing on a crowd funding project that she feels deserves to meet it’s goal. If you have a project you believe deserves spotlight, e-mail her at “River City Panic is a […]


Horror fans are constantly complaining about the overabundance of sequels, remakes, and an all around lack of originality.  Unless you’re “in the know” within the film industry, finding new, unique, and interesting horror films can be quite tasking.  Well, Icons of Fright readers, have I got a treat for you. Dustin Wayde Mills of Dustin […]

Short Film Review: HELL’S BELLES!

Imagine this: Two sexy bitchin’ bad ass chicks who are inexperienced occult specialists that drive a hearse and get their plans of going to a bar for drinks disrupted, when they are called over with desperate urgency, by a local cop to help save a young girl who his held prisoner by a sadistic demon […]

Halloween Horror Short Round-Up! AJ Bowen in MEAT & More!

Happy Halloween, Fright Fiends! We’re sure you’ve got plenty of fun & spooky things planned for your day and you’ve probably got a stack of your favorite horror movies sitting in your living room for later tonight, BUT some really cool short films have surfaced just in time for the holiday and we couldn’t NOT […]