RLJ Entertainment Sending Robot Thriller UNCANNY to DVD/Digital Video November 3rd!

RLJ Entertainment is gearing up to release Matthew Leutwyler (DEAD & BREAKFAST, UNEARTHED)’s robot gone wrong thriller UNCANNY onto DVD/Digital video this coming November 3rd. The film, which revolves around David (GREEN ROOM‘s Mark Webber), a recluse inventor and his robot creation, Adam (David Clayton Rogers), whose world heads into turmoil when a reporter (Lucy Griffiths) causes […]

Brand New Poster/Fantasia Screening Info For Adam Egypt Mortimer’s SOME KIND OF HATE!!

Early last month, we told you fright fanatics that Image Entertainment had acquired the Adam Egypt Mortimer-helmed SOME KIND OF HATE, a film that I for one, cannot wait to check out. Mortimer has done a hell of a job juggling producing (the upcoming horror anthology HOLIDAYS), directing, and even put out a pretty great […]

Image Entertainment Acquires “Coming of Rage” tale JUNE

Image Entertainment/RLJ seem to be everywhere these days, with picking up titles ranging from Joe Dante’s BURYING THE EX to one that I’m excited as hell to check out, Adam Egypt Mortimer’s SOME KIND OF HATE. Adding yet another interesting title to the mix, Image/RLJ has announced their acquisition of L. Gustavo Cooper’s JUNE, which […]

Image Entertainment Acquires Stanley Film Fest hit SOME KIND OF HATE

Fresh out of making one hell of a splash at this week’s Stanley Film Festival, the Adam Egypt Mortimer-helmed horror flick SOME KIND OF HATE, has now been acquired by Image Entertainment/RLJ, joining Joe Dante’s BURYING THE EX and another film that I’m anxious to check out, DARK WAS THE NIGHT. Image has done a […]


Good lord, have I had to slap myself in the face so many time lately. Continually being the ass that proclaims that the zombie subgenre has nothing new to offer, just to be broadsided with such VERY good films such as WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD, ZOMBIE KILLERS: ELEPHANT’S GRAVEYARD and now joining that group […]

Howl At The Moon When WOLFCOP Hits DVD This March!!

Late last year, we were able to take a sneak look at the ready for cult horror film status comedy, WOLFCOP (review). Since its festival run, the film has been acquired by Image Entertainment and is now gearing up for a March 10th DVD release. It feels like the perfect combination of horror, comedy and […]

Titans Collide in Trailer For FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE MUMMY!!

Growing up, I absolutely adored watching the teamup films, featuring classic monsters. When modern day icons met in FREDDY VS. JASON, it just didn’t give me the same enjoyment and excitement that the old Universal films did. Image Entertainment is looking to get a lot of people with similar feelings excited, with their February 10th […]


For the past decade or so, there has been a rising number of haunted houses or “haunts” that have taken up the majority of the Halloween season. Whether they be smaller, home-based huanted houses or warehouses decked out in scary decorations and masked workers chasing people out while trying to make them piss their pants, […]