U.S. Theatrical MANIAC Poster Teases Frank’s Gruesome Handiwork!

The limited release date for Franck Khalfoun’s MANIAC is only a month away now, and IFC Midnight has given Bloody Disgusting the exclusive for the official theatrical poster! Check it below. I’m extremely digging all of the one-sheets that have been released for the film, and this one is no exception. It’s creepy, striking, and […]

Movie Review: IN THEIR SKIN

Home invasion movies scare the hell out of me. Just the idea of someone invading your personal space and threatening you and/or your family scares me much more than monsters, aliens or any other type of creature that might inhabit a horror film. With that being said, like most horror fans, I’m drawn to what […]

MANIAC Remake Finally Ready to Slash Into the U.S.!!

Thanks to the gang at Fangoria, news has finally made its way online, regarding the U.S. release date for the Franck Khalfoun-directed MANIAC remake. ICONS OF FRIGHT‘s head honcho Rob G saw the film last year, and judging from what he thought (review) , it sounds like we’re in for a wild ride when this […]

Elijah Wood Brings MANIAC Remake To Cinefamily in LA!

As skeptical of some reboots as I am, one upcoming film that I’m very anxious to see is the Elijah Wood starring remake of MANIAC, the 1980 horror classic directed by William Lustig. Being a huge fan of the original, and the insanity that Lustig along with writer/star Joe Spinell created, I really didn’t feel […]