Addiction Gets Satanic In New INNER DEMONS Poster; Trailer Out

With how many films that deal with the man downstairs coming out, it’s safe to say that Satanic horror is making a big comeback. Everything from THE DEVIL INCARNATE, THE DEVIL’S HAND and now, the interesting sounding INNER DEMONS (hitting limited theaters and VOD October 3rd via IFC Midnight). Bypassing the typical found footage route […]

EXCLUSIVE: Brand New CAM2CAM Clip Shows A LOT of Neon/Bloody Walking

Joel Soisson’s CAM2CAM hit theaters/VOD yesterday (August 22nd) and to celebrate, the nice folks at IFC Midnight sent us this exclusive clip from the webcam/Thailand-based shocker.  While the clip doesn’t give much away, it does show a stylized sequence involving a lot of neon and an injured woman being followed by another woman, completely covered in blood. […]

IFC Midnight Acquires Sequel To 2012’s THE PACT!

A sequel to 2012’s greatly underseen, indie-horror THE PACT has been picked up once again by IFC Midnight. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely give it a watch on Netflix Instant. It really subverts expectations, has some great scares, and the reveal towards the end is pretty wild. Caity Lotz returns as her character from […]

Red Band Trailer For ARGENTO’S DRACULA 3D Is Batshit Insane!

Be forewarned, this is not prime Argento. DRACULA 3D looks chintzy, and nothing like the classics that the Italian master of horror is known for. But you know what, that’s ok. Dario is 73 years old, and for better or worse, is still making films. Whether the film reaches the heights of SUSPIRIA or the […]

Gory Sci-Fi Slasher ALMOST HUMAN Taken By IFC Midnight!

Joe Begos’ ALMOST HUMAN has been highly anticipated by us for a couple of reasons; alien abductions, chainsaws, and RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL‘s Graham Skipper! The throwback slasher just made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and has now just been picked up by IFC Midnight before its Fantastic Fest debut! That means […]

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (2009) Director Returns with Party Gone Wrong Film +1!!

2009’s remake of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT was, with the exception of an ending that still leaves me scratching my head, pretty solid. A lot of that was due to the vision of director Dennis Iliadis. While Iliadis hasn’t given fans any films yet, that’s set to change, when IFC Midnight releases +1 […]

Plenty of Beer and Aliens in Brand New Trailer for GRABBERS!

The “people fighting aliens while drunk” angle is quickly approaching a sub-genre status, thanks to Edgar Wright’s upcoming THE WORLD’S END, and now IFC Midnight’s GRABBERS. I mean, really, what’s cooler than knocking back a few and fighting E.T., right? While THE WORLD’S END doesn’t come out in the states until August, GRABBERS hits VOD […]

Final Poster For MANIAC Remake Is Slick But Familiar!

Whew, it’s seemed like an eternity, but IFC Midnight will finally deliver their MANIAC remake unto the masses June 21st. But, just to tease you a little bit more they’ve released the “official” (and presumably final) one-sheet before it’s limited theatrical & VOD. And if it seems a bit familiar, well, you’re not alone. See […]