How I Fell In Love with Horror Icons Before I knew They Were Horror Icons

Despite being fortunate enough to be raised on a healthy diet of horror, I can’t deny the fact I was born in 1990.  I was born long after our most beloved genre actors got their start and made their mark in horror, and there are plenty of horror icons that I didn’t first see in […]

ICONS OF FRIGHT Interviews SUSHI GIRL Writer Destin Pfaff and Director Kern Saxton!

Kern Saxton’s ensemble thriller, SUSHI GIRL was one that I really enjoyed (see the IOF review HERE). The film hit dvd/bluray this past Tuesday, and ICONS OF FRIGHT recently spoke to Saxton and co-writer Destin Pfaff about the film. Read on! SUSHI GIRL seems to have already found its audience; did you expect it to […]

The Creative Loneshark Crew Want To Bring You VIVARIUM: A Sci-Fi Thriller

As I’m sure most of you see on a regular basis, Kickstarter seems to be the new way for filmmakers to pull the funds together to make their projects. As there are hundreds of requests to back these kind of projects daily, we’re very selective about the ones we mention here on Icons Of Fright […]