Leonel VHS Talks WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? With Camille Keaton

Every devoted horror fan at one time or another has sat down and taken the time to jot down his or her “bucket list” of people – actors, directors, etc. – who have all appeared in or helped helm horror films they love and have grown an attachment to. When I was a horror “newbie” […]


Back in 1978, writer/director Meir Zarchi came under immense scrutiny with his film I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (then known as DAY OF THE WOMAN) for its relentless portrayal of gang rape and the victim’s violent revenge. Some call it feminism, while others like Roger Ebert called it “a vile bag of garbage.” It ganged […]

“You just don’t understand it,” or Why I Love Rape-Revenge

After reading Jerry’s compelling article(here) about why he loves horror, I wanted to share something that people have been asking me about for the better part of a decade. Thanks brother, for inspiring me to be honest with not only my comrades, but with myself. There are moments in our lives when forms of media […]

Anchor Bay Sets I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2 For Fall!

Anchor Bay is planning to release a sequel to their 2010 remake of 1978’s drive-in/revenge nasty I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE! Touted as “a new chapter in the series”, ISPOYG 2 sees director Steven Munroe return, which shot last year and will be given a limited release this Fall. This isn’t the first time the […]

Movie Review: THE MOORING!!

*Editor’s note: We’d like to officially welcome Norberto Aguiar to the ICONS OF FRIGHT team! Here is his first review. * Every 40 seconds a person goes missing. Could you function if your cellphone was taking from you? No texting. No facebook. No talking on the phone. Not being available for anyone to get a […]


Grindhouse Aficionado… Bringing you the best of Grindhouse cinema (without the sticky floors). This months Triple Feature: Fight For Your Life, Thriller- A Cruel Picture, and I Spit On Your Grave. Exploitation films have been with us since cinema’s infancy. Take for example this tag line from a poster, circa 1895, that is promoting their latest […]

Steven Munroe Returns to Direct I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Sequel!

Something I didn’t really anticipate coming across was the announcement that Steven Monroe, director of the 2010 remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE would be returning to direct I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE TOO, a sequel to that film, but alas the story broke this week and details have recently been released. “Naturally beautiful, Jessica […]