A suspenseful tale is always something that I find incredibly easy to jump into. There’s nothing like a mystery, one that leads you down a path with its characters, and providing its share of twists, catching you off guard. The flipside to that ability to engage a film’s audience is when a mystery story doesn’t […]

A Personal Story and An Inspiring Video; “Finding Solace in Positivity”

I came across this video from a Facebook post that FRIDAY THE 13TH writer Victor Miller had posted earlier tonight, and for some reason, it deeply resonated with me to the point of wanting to share it with you Icons of Fright readers. As horror fans, we all come from various backgrounds and walks of […]

Need Help Finding Some Horror Films To Watch? Anchor Bay Gives Fans A Reel of Choices

Are you fright fanatics having a tough time figuring out which horror films to watch during your upcoming marathons? If so, this might help you out a bit. Our good friends at Anchor Bay sent this “sizzle reel” over to show you horror lovers a few options that they have in their roster of titles. There […]

Learn Five Things To Know Before Watching THE PURGE: ANARCHY, And Win A Prize Pack From The Film!!

THE PURGE: ANARCHY hits theaters on July 18th, and it looks like one hell of a ride. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first PURGE film, ANARCHY looks like a cross between bad and ass (just kidding), or at least THE WARRIORS and MAD MAX in a strange sort of way. Let’s just […]

The Millennial’s Guide to Picking Horror Movies

For those of you that aren’t religiously worshipping at the altar of The Killer POV podcast, (brought to you by Geeknation, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry, and our own Rob G.) you’re missing out on some extremely poignant and important discussions in the name of horror. Last week the Killer POV gang and their guests Axelle […]

“It’s Just What I’m Into”, or Why I Love Horror

“We fear violence less than our own feelings. Personal, private, solitary pain is more terrifying than what anyone else can inflict.”-Jim Morrison “A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice.” -Edgar Watson Howe – Country Town Sayings At least once a week, I’m asked why I’m a horror fan. Whether it […]

Movie Review: RESOLUTION !

I watch a lot of movies. In my opinion, nothing beats sitting down, whether it be in a theater or at home, and getting lost in something someone cooked up in their head and put to film. A lot of times, the movies are alright, sometimes they’re good and rarely, they are GREAT. Those great […]

Screamfest 2012: Highlights From Shorts Block 1 & 2

This past Sunday, Screamfest held their first two short film blocks of the festival.  One of the highlights for me are peeping what directors can put together on screen in these shorts.  While it was indeed a mixed bag, as per usual, there seemed to be more that stood out to me this year. I’ve […]