Icons of Fright Interviews WOLFCOP Director Lowell Dean and Star Amy Matysio!!

It’s time for a one-two punch of WOLFCOP interviews, you wonderful readers. Lowell Dean’s hilarious and VERY entertaining film just hit DVD/Bluray (review) and what better way to get you fright fanatics excited to check it out, than two interviews, one with writer/director Dean, and one with Amy Matysio, who plays Tina, a source of […]

REVIEW: The Voices

Once upon a time, Ryan Reynolds was one of the most sought after leading men in film.  A former People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” and the star of one of the funniest comedies ever made (I’m looking at you, WAITING) Ryan Reynolds has unfortunately spent the last five years acting in box office bombs and […]

Howl At The Moon When WOLFCOP Hits DVD This March!!

Late last year, we were able to take a sneak look at the ready for cult horror film status comedy, WOLFCOP (review). Since its festival run, the film has been acquired by Image Entertainment and is now gearing up for a March 10th DVD release. It feels like the perfect combination of horror, comedy and […]

Fantasia Review: LIFE AFTER BETH

There’s something about the whole idea of zombies and people returning from the dead that used to strike fear into horror fans. Films like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, ZOMBI, and various others were able to make their viewers genuinely affected and frightened. Somewhere in the last half decade or so, there was a shift, […]

Zombies Attack School in Brand New DETENTION OF THE DEAD Clip!

“When there’s no more room in hell…”, the dead go to detention? That’s the tagline for Alex Craig Mann’s horror comedy, DETENTION OF THE DEAD. Billed as THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD, we’ve been sent the first clip from the film, and as always, we figured that we’d send it your way! […]

RENO 911! Duo Returns with Demonic HELL BABY!!

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant might be mostly known for their roles as Lt. Jim Dangle and Deputy Travis Junior in the hilarious RENO 911! TV series, but they’re also two of the most sought after comedy screenwriters around, having written BALLS OF FURY, A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM and other hit comedies together. […]

Short Film Review: HELL’S BELLES!

Imagine this: Two sexy bitchin’ bad ass chicks who are inexperienced occult specialists that drive a hearse and get their plans of going to a bar for drinks disrupted, when they are called over with desperate urgency, by a local cop to help save a young girl who his held prisoner by a sadistic demon […]


Horror comedies are tricky for me. They either work really well, or they’re a flat out disaster. When movies try to walk both lines, more times than not, they’re unable to properly give both genres their fair share, and one overpowers the other. Boris Rodriguez’s EDDIE: THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL not only properly executes a successful […]