Mall Vendors and Nerd Rage: Natty’s First Time With RE-ANIMATOR!

My early twenties were a massive blur. It’s safe to say that I passed out at the age of twenty, and woke up on my twenty-eighth birthday. In that blur of an era, however, there were a few memorable moments, one of which being the first time I watched Stuart Gordon’s classic, RE-ANIMATOR. Now, before you […]

Re-Animate Your Toy Collection With Monstarz’s Herbert West Figure!

Herbert West has had a couple false starts in being officially immortalized as a figure on our shelves, but we’re now one step closer to that dream becoming a reality. Monstarz (who’ve brought us Elvira, Dr. Tongue, Tarman, and Killer Klown figures!) are bringing every ones favorite re-animating Miskatonic University grad, Dr. Herbert West, to […]

RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL Comes To NYC! July 17th-22nd!

For all you New Yorkers that were jealous of us fiends in Los Angeles being treated to several performances of RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL, the laugh-out-loud stage show directed by Stuart Gordon, who also helmed the original film, brace yourselves! The show comes to New York City for 7 brief performances between July 17th thru July […]