BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – ANTHRAX “Only”

Holy crap! It’s already another Friday which means it’s time for another song of the week. And we almost missed it! I had a few tunes in mind, but I’m going to save those for October since they’re definitely more Halloween-ie. For now, here’s one that came on in the car earlier this afternoon and […]


Whew! Been a few weeks since I kicked off a Friday with our “Song Of The Week”, so let’s get back into the groove in style. This video is from the band Impending Doom and it’s called “Deceiver” from their album “Baptized In Filth”. Fright friend and filmmaker Blake Reigle forwarded over this clip to […]

BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – TESTAMENT “Souls Of Black”

’tis another Friday! And not just any Friday, but Friday The 13th! Which means it’s time for us to kick off the weekend right with a rockin’ tune we suggest you crank loudly! This week? How ’bout a little old school metal from TESTAMENT? This was always one of my personal favorite metal tunes growing […]

BEYOND FRIGHT – Song Of The Week: ALICE IN CHAINS “Them Bones”

Rejoice! The weekend is upon us! Some of you are getting ready to go catch PROMETHEUS. Some of you are just going to kick back, relax at home and have a beer. Well either way, what better way to kick it off than with Icons Of Fright’s “Song Of The Week”! Last week, we gave […]

BEYOND FRIGHT – Song Of The Week: MEGADETH “Go To Hell”

Ya know what? I dig horror. I dig metal. I dig rockin’ tunes. And I love when something embodies all of those qualities in one. And since we’ve now got the “BEYOND FRIGHT” column here on Icons Of Fright, I figured I’d start sharing with you, our faithful fright readers one rockin’ tune per week […]

SUICIDE SILENCE Bring Out The Zombies In Their New Music Video!

Back when Mike C and I created Icons Of Fright back in 2004, we never could’ve possibly imagined that zombies would become as popular as they have become. I mean, video games? THE WALKING DEAD; a hit television series based on an on-going zombie comic-book? Fulci’s infamous “zombie versus shark” scene in a Window’s 7 […]