THE SOPRANOS’ Michael Imperioli Leads Based On True Events Haunted Neighborhood Film FORECLOSURE; Hitting VOD/DVD This February

If there is a show that still scares the living hell out of me, even as an adult, that show is Unsolved Mysteries. It just gets under my skin every single time I watch it. One episode of that show in particular, is the one titled, “Black Hope“, an episode that revolved around a series […]

REVIEW: Haunted House On Sorority Row

I am ride or die for indie horror films.  When I say “indie,” I’m not referring to films with only one million dollar budgets in comparison to $100,000,000 budgets.  I’m talking about the films that won’t show up on Netflix instant watch and the films that you can only find if you buy directly from […]

Scary As Hell Teaser For James Wan’s THE CONJURING Appears!!

James Wan is a busy guy this year. Knee deep in filming the sequel to his surprise hit INSIDIOUS, Wan should have enough on his plate with that movie, but like any prolific filmmaker, he’s keeping busy. Before starting the second INSIDIOUS film, Wan helmed the upcoming based on a true story haunted house film […]


The leading lady of Ti West’s incredible HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, Jocelin Donahue, is about to enter a new home of horror in INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2! Donahue will portray a younger Lorraine Lambert (played by Barbara Hershey, who returns along with the rest of the cast), presumably through flashbacks that show just how the Old […]