A Look Back At Rob G.’s FEARnet Video Interviews

This upcoming April will mark the one year anniversary of the dissolution of FEARnet, both as a network and a website. For me in particular, it’s difficult because a lot of the staff I was fortunate enough to share office space with worked really, really hard on the output that appeared both on the cable […]

10 Horror Icons That Deserve Action Figures

On a recent episode of Killer POV, the podcast I co-host with Fangoria’s Rebekah McKendry and Inside Horror’s Elric Kane, we tackled the topic of “Childhood Obsessions,” and that led to discussing our desire as young budding horror fans to obtain any toys we could get our hands on based upon some of our favorite […]

Giveaway – Win A Free HATCHET III Bluray!!

Victor Crowley is back to slaughter folks left and right in BJ McDonnell’s HATCHET III, and thanks to the good folks at Dark Sky Films, we’ve got a few blurays of the film, ready to give out!! “Concluding the saga begun in Adam Green’s hit 2006 thriller, HATCHET III follows the vengeful Marybeth (HALLOWEEN‘s Danielle […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with FRIDAY THE 13TH/HATCHET III’S Derek Mears!!

Kane Hodder, Ted White, just a couple of the names associated with the great Jason Voorhees. Another name that is definitely up as far as fans are concerned, is Derek Mears. Whether people loved or hated 2009’s FRIDAY THE 13TH remake, one thing is undeniable, Mears’ take on the hockey mask-wearing killer was one for […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with Scream Queen/HATCHET III Star DANIELLE HARRIS!!

Fans of horror films can all agree on one thing, we love us some Danielle Harris. We all adored her in HALLOWEEN 4 and 5, and she continues to charm us in her recent role as Mary Beth in HATCHET II and III. We were lucky enough to chat with Danielle regarding HATCHET III(out August […]

Crowley Comes Home This August When HATCHET III Hits DVD/Bluray!!

Victor Crowley is at it again, and fans of the HATCHET series can now rejoice, when HATCHET III comes to DVD/Bluray August 13th via Dark Sky Films. Concluding the saga begun in Adam Green’s hit 2006 thriller, HATCHET III follows the vengeful Marybeth (HALLOWEEN‘s Danielle Harris) as she continues seeking out a way to destroy […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With HATCHET III Director BJ McDonnell!!

BJ McDonnell is a courageous guy. It’s never an easy task for someone to come into a horror series that is held pretty high by fans, and attempt to give said series their spin, without facing a barrage of fanboy rants. With that being said though, if anybody has the qualifications to take over the […]

Movie Review: HATCHET III

If there is one constant you can count on in horror films, it’d certainly have to be that evil never dies. It’s a mantra that’s been proven true time and time again thanks to a never ending void of sequels (and our contributions to the box office). Sure, you could shoot them six times, bury […]