HATCHET III Slashes onto DVD/BLURAY This August!!

It looks like Victor Crowley isn’t wasting any time jumping from HATCHET III‘s limited theatrical release June 14th, to the newly announced DVD/BLURAY date of August 13th via Dark Sky Films/MPI!! I don’t know about you Fright Fiends, but that sounds like a lot of fun, checking it out in theaters then getting it on […]

Victor Crowley Hides in the Shadows in Brand New HATCHET 3 Teaser Poster!!

Monsterpalooza attendees will be treated to quite a bit of HATCHET III greatness this Saturday, when the cast and crew of the film will be doing a free signing of a brand new teaser poster. We’ve got the teaser poster here, thanks to the folks at Dark Sky Films for sending it our way, so […]

Head Back Into The Swamp With a Release Date and Teaser for HATCHET 3!!!

It’s time to rejoice, Hatchet Army members, as today a brand new teaser for the BJ McDonnell directed HATCHET III has been released, showing us a glimpse of what’s in store for Mary Beth as she leads a SWAT team into the swamps to defeat Crowley once and for all (yeah right). “HATCHET III continues […]

Ariescope’s Annual Halloween Short = HALLOWEEN Deleted Scene!

The fine gents from Ariescope pictures are back with yet another one of their annual Halloween shorts; something that’s become a tradition for the makers of the HATCHET franchise, FROZEN & FEARnet’s original series HOLLISTON. You can probably argue that HOLLISTON‘s humble origins started with these Halloween shorts for filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch. […]

SDCC 2012: A Chat With The Guys From HATCHET 3

One of the things about going to San Diego Comic Con, is you should never fully lock down your schedule.  There will always be last minute opportunities that can fall into your lap.  The Dark Sky press event for HATCHET 3 was that last minute opportunity for me.    When I left for San Diego, I […]

Zack Galligan Becomes Latest HATCHET 3 Victim!

Last weekend it was announced a slew of newcomers (including Derek Mears, Caroline Williams, etc.) to Adam Green’s Hatchet series were heading into the swamp for the forthcoming HATCHET III, the latest installment centered around unstoppable hatchet-faced madman Victor Crowley. With filming officially beginning tomorrow night, it’s been revealed that Gremlins & Waxwork‘s series star Zach Galligan […]

Derek Mears & More Head Into The Swamp For HATCHET 3!

Adam Green’s Hatchet films have built a reputation of not only being incredibly gory & jaw-droppingly inventive thanks to the advent of good ‘ol practical effects, but also for it’s casting which is essentially The Avengers of the horror genre. Green’s debut film assembled horror titans such as Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Tony Todd & effects legend […]