Icons Of Fright’s WRITING MIXTAPE, Part Three: Natty

Everything I do tends to revolve around music. It’s mandatory that I reserve about 45 minutes of my day to unwind with some good tunes and headphones. I can’t even begin my day right if I don’t enjoy music with my morning coffee, so it only makes sense that I HAVE to listen to music while […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With HARLEY POE Vocalist Joe Whiteford!

The only thing better than watching a horror film, is listening to amazing music that feels like little horror movies playing directly in your ears, at least for Harley Poe fans. We appreciate the haunting melodies that flow from a group of talented guys, who know exactly what we want to hear. I was fortunate […]

Beyond Fright: Harley Poe’s “I’m A Killer” & “Ouija”

In 2000, a friend of mine had a compilation that had quite a few tracks from punk rock, hardcore and various other genres on it, all from the Tooth & Nail Records label. Only a couple of the bands really stood out to me, one of which called themselves ‘Calibretto 13’. Sounding like punk rock […]