Icons of Fright Chats With BLOODTHIRSTY: ONE NATION UNDER WATER Writer Mark Landry!

Taking a cue from the real life tragedies hurricanes Katrina and Rita and crafting a very emotionally resonant tale involving a former Coast Guard and a murderous mystery that he stumbles upon, writer Mark Landry gives fans the very entertaining and human story of BLOODYTHIRSTY. A mixture of real tragedies injected with a vampiric consipiracy, […]


THE SCRIBBLER is one of those films that is both visually stunning and odd, which can actually be a great combination, and mandatory viewing for those souls who find themselves wanting to venture out and watch something different, and exciting. Early in the film, we meet Suki (Katie Cassidy). Suki suffers from multiple personality disorder, […]

FINAL DESTINATION Creator Jeffrey Reddick Taking on THE UNDERTAKERS Film Adaption!!

FINAL DESTINATION creator/screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick has been tapped to adapt the film adaption of THE UNDERTAKERS, the first in a series of books by Ty Drago. Reddick is responsible for bringing horror fans one of the most successful horror franchises of all time, so maybe THE UNDERTAKERS could be the start of another one. Read […]