DAY OF THE DEAD Vinyl Now On Sale From Waxwork Records!

After their inaugural release of Richard Band’s RE-ANIMATOR score onto vinyl, Waxwork Records have set John Harrison’s score for George A. Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD as their second release! It’s available to order right now, and will only run you $34 + shipping. Not bad for a remastered double LP set with troves of […]

Scream Factory Debuts DAY OF THE DEAD Bluray Artwork!!

I’m just going to say it: George Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD is by FAR my favorite of the original dead trilogy of his. Sure NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is awesome, and we all know that its sequel, DAWN OF THE DEAD is the bee’s knees. With all of that being said, it was […]

10 More Horror Movie Themes For Your HALLOWEEN! (2012 Edition!)

Happy (almost) Halloween, faithful fright fiends! My friend Christel had contacted me several weeks ago asking for suggestions of horror movie music that could possibly be used for a skit that one of the performers of her An October Evening event was planning to do. The request was for something a little unconventional rather than […]

Recommended Short: I LOVE SARAH JANE!

I was at a birthday party the other night, chit-chatting with old friends, catching up on movie talk when the subject of HESHER came up. (A flick I love, by the way.) My buddy Joe asked me if I’d ever seen the short film that HESHER director Spencer Susser made prior to his feature length […]