Event Report: Goblin Live At The Egyptian Theatre!

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles were curating a new film festival specifically for the rabid genre community: Beyond Fest. With the mad maestro behind Death Waltz Records by their side as c0-promoters, they announced that legendary prog-rock gods Goblin were making their collective stateside debut. If you’re […]

Vinegar Syndrome Taking PUNK VACATION To Blu-ray!

Vinegar Syndrome may be new to the cult video game, but since their January debut they’ve given us lost Herschell Gordon Lewis’ films, some wonderfully obscure slashers, and a bevy of drive-in oddities onto DVD & Blu-ray. The amount of restoration & attention given to their releases is truly extraordinary, and any lover of outsider […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: February 19th’s Blu-ray & DVD Releases

Happy new release day Fright-fans! I’m back with another edition of Fright At Home to give you the lowdown on February 19th’s video releases. This week sees a slew of cult films being upgraded to Blu-ray (THE NEST, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2), and in some cases making the transition from VHS to debuting on […]

Movie Review: THE ABCs OF DEATH

26 films. 26 directors. 26 ways to die. So goes the twistedly inventive structure of Magnet Releasing and Drafthouse Film’s newly released genre anthology, THE ABCs OF DEATH. Horror anthologies are seeing something of a resurgence in Hollywood and independent cinema as of late. Once a quite thriving sub-genre on both the silver & small […]

Re-Enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE With New TV Reboot!

The legendary anthology series THE TWILIGHT ZONE is making a return to television under the direction of Bryan Singer, who did something similar this year with The Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane. Let’s hope his re-brandishing of THE TWILIGHT ZONE makes it past the pilot stage, and becomes a worthy successor to the brilliant 1959 incarnation. […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: October 2nd’s Blu-ray & DVD Releases

Welcome back to FRIGHT AT HOME, your weekly release date guide to must-own home video releases! Now that we’re into the second day of October, there’s no doubt that everyone has started the beginnings of a horror-thon. For those who haven’t, fear not as today sees the release of a smorgasbord of classic horror & […]