Review: EVIL BONG 420

Let’s be honest here, you’re not exactly expecting CHINATOWN or CITIZEN KANE when you sit down to watch a film called EVIL BONG 420. Charles Band and his Full Moon Pictures company knows exactly what they want to make and do a hell of a job doing so. I’ve never understood hate towards films like […]


Scream Factory brings the toilet scare of many children who grew up in the ’80s back, with their new Bluray double feature release of the GHOULIES/GHOULIES II, and the big question of how it stacks up against previous SF releases can now be answered: it does quite well. The small creature-filled film and its sequel […]

“D-Day Of The B-Movies” Event Returns To Burbank’s Dark Delicacies; Impressive List of Attendees

The last time Charles Band and co. brought their “D-Day of the B-Movies” signing to Burbank’s Dark Delicacies, fans showing up to snag a signed copy of the then newly released third issue of Delirium Magazine (a joint collaboration between band and Fangoria Editor Chris Alexander), were treated to appearances by TRANCERS stars Tim Thomerson […]

Review: DELIRIUM Issues #1 and #2

Living in a world where any information regarding all things genre is readily available at our fingertips can be great. However, there is something special about holding, opening, and reading an actual magazine. It takes you back to the days of your youth, where you couldn’t wait to get your hands on every magazine that you could possibly […]


SCHLOCK VALUE: ISSUE #7 – December to Disremember Wow, it’s been a whole year since Schlock Value slid it’s greasy ass into Icons of Fright. Schlock started as a Friday night ritual, back then it had no name, I would simply take a trip to the local video store and look for the dumbest monster […]


Ahh, those lovable killer puppets from Full Moon’s never-ending PUPPET MASTER franchise are back! Again! And this time with Charles Band himself at the helm! A trailer has just debuted for the latest movie in the series PUPPET MASTER X: AXIS RISING. The DVD & Blu-Ray arrive on October 9th! In the meantime, check out […]