Review: I-LIVED

Franck Khalfoun’s 2012 MANIAC remake was definitely a showcase of what the director could, when it comes to technical shots and doing something quite different than what was expected from him. While we initially believed that his studio followup, AMITYVILLE: THE REAWAKENING would came next, Khalfoun was able to slip in a smaller, very DIY-like […]

FRIGHT EXCLUSIVE: Elijah Wood And Franck Khalfoun Talk Maniac Remake!

The stylish remake of the horror classic MANIAC hit theaters and VOD this past week. Icons Of Fright’s intrepid correspondent Graham Denman and Strictly Splatter’s Jose Prendes had the awesome chance to sit down with the director Frank Khalfoun and star Elijah Wood to talk about the film, the future of the genre and which […]

Final Poster For MANIAC Remake Is Slick But Familiar!

Whew, it’s seemed like an eternity, but IFC Midnight will finally deliver their MANIAC remake unto the masses June 21st. But, just to tease you a little bit more they’ve released the “official” (and presumably final) one-sheet before it’s limited theatrical & VOD. And if it seems a bit familiar, well, you’re not alone. See […]

Mondo Slices ROB’s MANIAC Score Onto Vinyl!

Frank Khalfoun & Alexandre Aja’s modern redux of Frank Lustig’s sleaze capsule MANIAC is majorly impressive, and what I believe to be one of the best slashers to emerge in quite some time. It’s enormously creepy thanks to Elijah Wood’s largely off screen-sympathetically schizo turn as Frank Zito, and features some tremendous gore courtesy of […]

Elijah Wood Brings MANIAC Remake To Cinefamily in LA!

As skeptical of some reboots as I am, one upcoming film that I’m very anxious to see is the Elijah Wood starring remake of MANIAC, the 1980 horror classic directed by William Lustig. Being a huge fan of the original, and the insanity that Lustig along with writer/star Joe Spinell created, I really didn’t feel […]

IFC Midnight Scalps Up Aja & Khalfoun’s MANIAC!

Apart from Magnolia & it’s genre arm Magnet Releasing, the other particularly excellent independent distributor would have to be IFC. Over the years they’ve brought us such esteemed fare like Stake Land, Kill List, and like it or not Human Centipede 2 through their Midnight moniker. Those ready to rip a scalp off to see […]

New Red-Band MANIAC Trailer Pays Homage To The Original!

A week ago we showed you the initial teaser for Frank Khalfoun & Alexander Aja’s forthcoming re-imagining of MANIAC (check that here) which gave us a very brief look at Elijah Wood’s take on Frank Zito and the unique POV camera style of the film. In true cease & desist fashion that teaser was yanked off the net […]

See The POV Of A MANIAC! First Teaser Trailer!

Just a few days ago, we got a look at the first few images from Frank Khalfoun’s MANIAC in anticipation of the films’ premiere at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. And now, we have a teaser trailer… well, sort of. It’s about a minute and a half of a trailer and it seems to cut off […]