We’re Glad They Found This Footage: SIX POV MOVIES THAT WE LOVE


Let’s be honest here. Out of 10 “found footage” type films, you’re lucky if two or three are actually enjoyable. Why the characters in said sub-genre always seems to have to document EVERYTHING might have worked early on, when the style was created, by 2014, we’ve seen so many variations of it, that the films […]

Fear Is Born In Trailer For Radio Silence’s DEVIL’S DUE!


DEVIL’S DUE is an upcoming, found footage horror film from Radio Silence, the filmmaking collective you might know as the guys who scared the shit out of you in their concluding segment in last year’s V/H/S. It’s no surprise they were swiped up immediately for a studio gig, and if this trailer is any indication, […]

Platinum Dunes Going Found Footage For Thirteenth FRIDAY THE 13TH Film?


Now that the rights are back with Paramount (for a brief period), and Platinum Dunes’ grasp still around Jason Voorhees, a sequel is pretty much guaranteed…but maybe not in the way you want/expect. Ryan Turek at Shock Till You Drop has been reporting for quite a while that Dunes has been wanting to make a […]

FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY Invades DVD/Blu-ray September 10th!


Fans of the recently released (in limited theaters) FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY can now rejoice, as the official DVD/Blu-ray release date has made its way online, along with a full rundown on its special features. Read on! Synopsis: Hot off the heels of it’s critically acclaimed theatrical release, Richard Raaphorst’s highly buzzed-about debut film, FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY comes […]

Trailer for Bobcat Goldthwait’s Found Footage Bigfoot Flick WILLOW CREEK Shows Up!!

Bobcat Goldthwait made quite the name for himself throughout the years with his frantic-like persona he adopted for standup, before getting his feet wet as the writer/director of films such as SHAKES THE CLOWN, WORLD’S GREATEST DAD and my personal favorite of his, GOD BLESS AMERICA. Now Goldthwait is getting ready to bring his next […]

Brand New Teaser for Found Footage Horror Feature ABSENCE!!

The folks over at Twitch premiered a brand new teaser for the upcoming found footage-style horror film ABSENCE, which looks like a pretty creepy one. Check it out below, and sound off with your thoughts! In Jimmy Loweree’s striking horror feature debut ABSENCE, doctors are baffled when a young expectant mother Liz (Erin Way, “Alphas”, […]

Found Footage Mystery EVIDENCE Poster/Trailer Debut!!

*Update* Brand New Poster and updated VOD release date* My biggest complaint with found footage movies is that 9 out of 10 films within that sub-genre use the same angle: someone somehow found a tape, and edited it into a score-filled movie, blah blah, yadda yadda. While some of them work in my opinion (V/H/S/2, […]

Movie Review: V/H/S/2!!

Last year’s V/H/S took a lot of viewers by surprise. Some loved it for its innovative take on the found footage genre going around these days, and some folks, well…hated it. Everything from “This isn’t scary” to “That movie was completely misogynistic”, it all was said via Twitter, Facebook, and whatever other social sites that […]