Drafthouse gets WEIRD with Trailer for Cult legendary film DANGEROUS MEN

At this year’s Fantastic Fest, there were many great films that were played for festival attendees…and then there was DANGEROUS MEN. One of the most confusingly entertaining films that I’ve ever seen, the long-lost cult film that took 26 years to complete (was it actually completed is something you’ll ask yourself at the end) was […]

NURSE 3D Looks Like A Sexy, Trashy Good Time In Debut Trailer!

After shooting almost three years ago, Douglas Aarniokoski (this guy has a wild career that spans back to Full Moon’s heyday!)’s NURSE 3D is finally ready to hit screens! The trailer that debuted today is full of trashy, sexy, and gory happenings; it feels like a modern Euro exploit/thriller that has no shame strutting it’s […]

Limited Edition THE HILLS HAVE EYES Vinyl & Cassette Coming From One Way Static Records!

Following their lavish debut of issuing David Hess’ THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT score, newcomers One Way Static have announced they’ll be doing the same for Don Peake’s THE HILLS HAVE EYES! Continuing the trend of issuing Wes Craven’s early films, THE HILLS HAVE EYES eerie score has been taken from the original masters, […]

All Aboard 80s Horror Anthology NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR On Blu-ray From Vinegar Syndrome!

Cult home video distributor Vinegar Syndrome is somewhat new onto the scene, but their releases have already cemented them as one of the top labels around. To further make my point, take VS’s upcoming release of NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR, an 80s horror anthology they’re bowing onto Blu-ray with a sterling new 2k transfer. Not […]

Machete Don’t Text In New Ridiculous Trailer For MACHETE KILLS!

Danny Trejo is returning for another round as the badass ex-Federale in MACHETE KILLS, and a new trailer has been released that is chock full of ridiculousness. This trailer plays like a fake trailer that you’d more than likely find on a joke humor website, but I’d be lying if I said Mel Gibson as […]


Sorry about the delay folks, this holiday week has killed me. With that being said, EXPLOITATION ALLEY!! is back, and this week I thought I’d focus on one of my ten favorite films of all time, Wes Craven’s awesome 1972 debut, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. While I’m sure about 99% of you readers […]


The previous Exploitation Alley films have been ones that I have either always loved or had casually seen/ liked and wanted to write about. Well, with this week’s movie I thought I would blindly just choose the first silly sounding film that Netflix recommended based on my usual tastes, and low and behold: 1974’s rape […]


Now that Thanksgiving and the awfulness that is Black Friday is out of the way, it’s time to jump back into EXPLOITATION ALLEY. I suffered a small setback this week, as I had planned all week to write about a cheesy little movie directed by Herschel Gordon Lewis called “SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS” but alas, my […]