“Klaatu Barada N… Necktie… Neckturn?” CONTEST: Win An EVIL DEAD 2 Book of the Dead Prop!!

We love giving stuff away, and it’s always a blast to partner up with our buds at Fun.com/HalloweenCostumes.com to give you fright fanatics some interesting objects of horror. This time around, we’ve got a replica prop Necronomicon Ex-Mortis(Book of the Dead) from 1987’s EVIL DEAD 2, which is pretty  effin awesome if you ask me. So, […]

ATTN LA: EVIL DEAD Marathon Coming To Swallow Your Soul!

This is news piece of the day for me. The good folks over at Arrow in the Head are gearing up to host a marathon screening of not only Sam Raimi’s deadite trilogy, consisting of THE EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD II, and ARMY OF DARKNESS (with the first two films in 35mm!), but to top […]

FRIGHT RAGS debuts new t-shirts, collector’s items!!

The gang at Fright Rags have recently announced some new winter themed t-shirt designs, along with the remaining quantity of probably one of the coolest t-shirt bundles I’ve ever seen. Some pretty rad stuff here, check them out! MISERY This one looks awesome and pretty sums up the feeling of one of the coolest moments […]

THE EVIL DEAD Remake Trailer Cut To The Original Movies!

One of the things I love that You Tube users do these days is to take brand new movie trailers for remakes and re-cutting the audio to match footage from original movies. One of my favorite examples was from several years ago; From The Morgue “de-moderized” the first teaser trailer to Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN and […]

7 Horror Movies To Put The FUN In Your HALLOWEEN!

‘Tis the Halloween season once again faithful fright readers, and that means that every one is getting into the spooky spirit by revisiting some of their favorite horror films this month. For most, the tradition classics – John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN, THE EXORCIST, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, FRIDAY THE 13TH, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD […]

Do YOU Remember The Days of VCR HORRORS? You Turned Out Fine, Right?

Ha! This is kind of interesting to watch now in retrospect, and I stumbled upon it completely by accident as I was searching for old live videos of the band Vision Of Disorder. (Long Island, NY represent!) It’s an “expose” segment from the 80’s on 20/20 about “VCR HORRORS” and how kids were too obsessed […]

EVIL DEAD Remake Begins Filming, Raimi & Campbell On Board!

Sam Raimi’s debut film, The Evil Dead is a cult gem amongst the horror community for good reason. The 1981 “Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror” is terrifying, ferocious and features cinema’s only rape by way of demonic tree in history. It also introduced us to Bruce Campbell who’d become a genre icon as the chainsaw […]

Clip Round-up! EVIL DEAD 2 Blu-Ray!

We know, we know. You (like us) already own 7 different versions of Sam Raimi’s classic cult sequel EVIL DEAD 2 since Anchor Bay milked that license for as much as it was possibly worth. But as soon as Lionsgate got their hands on the property, they announced their own version of EVIL DEAD 2 […]