Awesome Mondo-Style EVIL DEAD Trilogy Animated Short!

The subject header says it all. This is an awesome animated short covering some of the iconic moments of the EVIL DEAD trilogy (primarily EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN with a touch of ARMY OF DARKNESS in there for good measure)! Daniel K. Kanemoto of Ex Mortis Films directed the clip which was inspired […]

EVIL DEAD Remake Begins Filming, Raimi & Campbell On Board!

Sam Raimi’s debut film, The Evil Dead is a cult gem amongst the horror community for good reason. The 1981 “Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror” is terrifying, ferocious and features cinema’s only rape by way of demonic tree in history. It also introduced us to Bruce Campbell who’d become a genre icon as the chainsaw […]

Clip Round-up! EVIL DEAD 2 Blu-Ray!

We know, we know. You (like us) already own 7 different versions of Sam Raimi’s classic cult sequel EVIL DEAD 2 since Anchor Bay milked that license for as much as it was possibly worth. But as soon as Lionsgate got their hands on the property, they announced their own version of EVIL DEAD 2 […]