Crowd Funding Campaign Begins For Tristan Risk-Led AYLA; Cast gets Major update

Personal horror films are always the ones I typically gravitate towards, because you can tell how important the story is to the filmmaker creating it. Whether it be something out of this world and extravagant or small and character-based, I love horror that means something, and GUT-director’s Elias is gearing up to bring genre fans […]

GUT Director Returns With Tristan Risk-led AYLA (“A.”); New Poster Debut

Production on Elias’ followup to his intense and equally enjoyable film GUT is planned to begin this fall, when filmmaker Elias and his Clayface Pictures start work on AYLA (AKA- “A.” in Seattle and the surrounding areas.  The Elias’-helmed GUT was an intense, shocking horror film, one that is impossible to shake. If AYALA is anything like GUT, then […]

Team Behind THE INVOKING/THE DEVICE Team Up With GUT Director To Produce “A.”; AMERICAN MARY’S Tristan Risk To Star

The October People, the team behind both THE INVOKING and the upcoming film THE DEVICE are doing a hell of a job making really entertaining independent films that make up for any budget issues with very solid storytelling. I absolutely loved both THE INVOKING (a psychological horror film that really showcased some impressive acting from leading […]

Debut Teaser For NYC Blackout Thriller DARK Arrives; Exec.Produced By Joe Dante

Let’s face it, as people, we rely so heavily on technology and especially electricity to get through our daily tasks. I don’t know about you, but when there’s a power outage, most of my tasks fall apart. There also comes a sense of dread in those times, making your mind wonder what’s going on and […]