El Rey Network Brings A Monstrous Holiday Season With KAIJU Christmas Marathon!!

DESTRUCTION!! ATOMIC MONSTERS!! KAIJU!! Fans of monsters, buildings being destroyed and just Kaiju films in general can rejoice, with the announcement of the El Rey Network’s “Kaiju Christmas Marathon”. Bringing fans a whole 48 hours comprised of Godzilla, Rodan and just about every other creature looking to step on people and business, the lineup looks […]

Robert Rodriguez-Hosted DIRECTOR’S CHAIR Returns With Guillermo Del Toro/Quentin Tarantino Episodes; Premiere Information

Earlier this year, Robert Rodriguez gave fans one hell of an episode of his filmmaker on filmmaker interview show, THE DIRECTOR’S CHAIR, with its John Carpenter episode. Giving fans an in depth conversation with the master of horror, Rodriguez and Carpenter spoke about the director’s motivations, stories and ideas behind some of his most adored films. […]

El Rey Network Makes May 10th “CARPEN-TERROR” Day With “Director’s Chair” and Film Marathon!

  The Robert Rodriguez-founded El Rey Network has done a pretty solid job so far giving genre fans a hell of a time, with everything from original programming (like the FROM DUSK TILL DAWN TV series), some kick-ass exploitation films on heavy rotation and beginning this Saturday (May 10th), “Director’s Chair”, a brand new interview […]


    *As always, these FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: The Series reviews will feature quite a few spoilers, so you’ve been warned* As if the last two episodes weren’t enough to keep you on the edge of your seats, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: The Series begins to heat up even more with the Eduardo Sanchez […]

TV Review: FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (Episode 1)

    I’ll just come right out and say it: when it was announced that Robert Rodriguez was planning on turning his film FROM DUSK TILL DAWN into a TV series for his new El Rey cable network, I was about as excited for it as I would be for someone to shoot me in […]