GIVEAWAY – Win A Bluray Copy Of ECHOES!!

Nils Timm’s supernatural thriller ECHOES hit DVD/Bluray today, and to celebrate the film’s release, we’ve got two Blurays of the film to give to a couple of lucky readers, courtesy of Anchor Bay. The film is a pretty entertaining ride, and filled to the brim with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing (review […]

Dreams and Reality Get Blurred When Anchor Bay Unleashes Festival Hit ECHOES On DVD/Bluray This April!

I’m a big fan of surrealist horror, whether it be any of the good A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET entries, or even recent films, like last year’s MR. JONES. While I dig realistic slasher films and they tend to scare the living hell out of me (the monster living next door is much scarier than […]