Ask any of my friends, and they will tell you that I’m a Dracula guy. Since childhood, the bloodsucker has been my all time favorite monster, and hell, I’ve got the ink to prove it. I’m very critical of new interpretations of the classic character and I’m a bit of a pain in the ass […]

Bluray Review: ANNABELLE

The success of 2013’s James Wan-directed haunted family film THE CONJURING scored big at not only the box office, but with genre films all across the boards. It brought old school terror back in a big way, with its focus being more based on setting a tone and allowing it grow more unsettling as the […]

Bluray Review: BLACK SAILS: The Complete First Season

Who would’ve thought that a show produced by Platinum Dunes about the ins and outs of the pirate life would be so great? When the Starz show BLACK SAILS was first announced, like many others, the first thought that came to mind for me was “um..nope”. Following that sentiment, the TV series based two decades before […]

Bluray Review: HONEYMOON And Why It’s An Important Genre Film

While we post a hefty amount of DVD and Bluray reviews here on good ol’ Icons of Fright, every once in a while, there are films that arrive that warrant a bit more than just your typical “this is why you need to/don’t need to buy this” review. The power of the horror genre is […]