Exploring ideas of the American dream seems to be an occurring theme in every season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. MURDER HOUSE dealt with a family trying keep their nuclear household together by moving into a new home, despite its dark past. Their neighbor, Constance, is a failed actress who yearns to be worshiped. ASYLUM revolves […]

Review: TREMORS 5

1990’s TREMORS was a hit with audiences and was one of the first horror comedies that really took off and appealed to its viewers, offering up likable characters, great special fx, and villainous mega-sized worms called “Graboids” that would instantly become horror favorites. The film, which starred Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, was about two […]

Beyond Fright review: DOG DAY AFTERNOON (40th Anniversary Bluray)

I’m a massive fan of heist films. There’s just something so entertaining and gripping as sitting down and watching films like HEAT, RESERVOIR DOGS, or in this case, DOG DAY AFTERNOON. Easily one of my favorite subgenres of film, films like the ones mentioned above were all able to not only tell a very tightly […]

Bluray Review: THE HUNGER (1983)

Combining the sensual approach to vampirism with the angle of treating it like a drug addiction, Tony Scott’s 1983 film THE HUNGER is now availble on Bluray, giving fans both new and old a chance to see one of the best vampire films of all time in HD. While somewhat bare when it comes to […]


2010’s NEVER SLEEP AGAIN, a comprehensive documentary about the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise, was a major hit with fans, and a true turning point in genre documentaries. The Daniel Farrands/Andrew Kasch-helmed film left not a single thing to the imagination, revealing all there was to know about the series and each of the sequels that […]

Bluray Review: THE EDITOR

Scream Factory knocks yet another one out of the park (do they ever NOT kick ass?!) with the Astron-6 homage to all things Giallo, THE EDITOR, a film filled with so much love for the subgenre that it feels like authentically brilliant. With the film hitting shelves this Tuesday (September 8th), we thought we’d give […]


While Scream Factory has earned the reputation for putting out fan-favorites and long lost genre films, one of the many things that impresses me on a regular basis, is how good the films they acquire or release via their partnership with IFC Midnight are. Films like THE BABADOOK, EXTRATERRESTRIAL, and now two of the most […]

Bluray Review: GHOST TOWN

Filmmakers in the 80’s used any and every trick and gimmick conceivable during the decade’s slasher boom solely for the purpose of making as much money as possible. Audiences flocked to box offices in droves and though some of these films were successful, many weren’t and were immediately forgotten by moviegoers as soon as they […]