Scream Factory sending TROLL/TROLL 2 to Bluray This November

Growing up, John Carl Buechler’s TROLL was one of my go-to films. It was wild, had imagination and was just a very fun movie to watch. I must have watched that film 40 times during my childhood. It looks like it’s time to raise that number now, with Scream Factory’s announcement that both TROLL and […]

Mulder & Scully fans rejoice! THE X-FILES: THE COLLECTOR’S SET heading to Bluray This December!!

As if the upcoming new season of The X-Files (premiering January 24th, 2016) wasn’t enough to make fans of the hit show rejoice in anticipation, now we have this monumental announcement. 20th Century Fox is gearing up to release The X-Files: The Collector’s Set, a Bluray boxset hitting shelves on December 8th featuring EVERY season […]

Presents come early when Thriller THE GIFT Heads to Digital HD and Blu-Ray/DVD on October 27

One of this year’s pleasant surprises was the Joel Edgerton-written and directed Blumhouse thriller, THE GIFT. It was a film that shocked audiences with its restraint and ability to give genre fans a film with closer ties to Hitchcock than to the slash and dice genre films of today. Following a happily married couple played […]

Scream Factory sending BLOOD AND LACE, GHOST STORY To Bluray this November

Scream Factory’s kicking ass with the one-two announcement of both GHOST STORY and the rarely seen BLOOD AND LACE hitting shelves on November 24th. Both films are genre gems, with the former featuring Fred Astaire and some supernatural happenings and the latter being a long lost AIP (American International Pictures) pre-slasher slasher film featuring Seinfeld‘s […]

Magnolia Sends CASSADAGA Director’s LAST SHIFT to DVD/Bluray This October

Films that deal with a single night at a location going horribly wrong are right up this writer’s alley. ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, LET US PREY, I just have such a love for that kind of film. I also loved director Anthony DiBlasi’s film CASSADAGA, so the announcement that we’re getting a DiBlasi film that, guess […]

Scream Factory Unleashes Loads of Deadite Fun When Epic 3-Disc Collector’s Edition of ARMY OF DARKNESS Arrives This October!

The EVIL DEAD series is one that I hold very close to my heart (and my knuckles, which are tattooed with just that: EVIL DEAD). My adoration towards Sam Raimi’s 1981 directorial debut and the series that followed is unparalleled by most series, and I don’t know many horror fans who aren’t absolutely drawn to […]

Scream Factory Welcomes THE RETURN OF COUNT YORGA Bluray This October

According to the press release sent to us, YORGA-nna love this one! The always reliable gang at Scream Factory are set to release THE RETURN OF COUNT YORGA to Bluray this October 13th, marking the first time the sequel to the 1970 film COUNT YORGA has seen an HD release in North America. The film, […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: August 18th – Killer kids, Nomads, Alien Abductions and a whole lot of craziness!

This week, for our FRIGHT AT HOME column, we thought we’d try out something new. While we typically share the week’s newly released titles and give you a small rundown on what films are ones that you might want to check out, we thought it would be fun to switch it up a bit. We’re […]