Inspired By True Story Film HANGMAN Heading to DVD/Bluray This February!!

I’m a sucker for films that hold the “Inspired by True Events” stamp on them. Sure, most of them are VERY far from what the source crime happened to be, but still, it’s the quickest way to instantly get under my skin for a terrifying time. It’s with that approach that filmmaker Adam Mason’s HANGMAN […]

Scream Factory Unleashes Artwork/Release Date for the EPIC 2-Disc TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 Release!!

The saw is most definitely family as far as I’m concerned, and Scream Factory’s breaking news regarding their epic 2-disc Collector’s Edition of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 is music to my ears. A lifelong fan of Tobe Hooper’s batshit insane sequel to his classic original film is a dark comedic twist on Leatherface and […]

Get Ready to be infected when IFC Midnight & Scream Factory Unleash CONTRACTED: PHASE 2 This January!

Eric England’s CONTRACTED was a genre favorite when it was released and ended with a cliffhanger that definitely made way for a sequel, one that would explain the questions the first film raised.  After going back and forth for a bit, England’s proposed sequel was bypassed in favor of a different approach and director Josh […]

SILENT NIGHT, BLOOD NIGHT 2: REVIVAL Now Available on DVD/Digital/Limited Edition VHS!

I love me some Christmas horror. Whether it’s family horror films like GREMLINS or the fun as hell slasher sequel SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2 (an Xmas staple as far as I’m concerned), there’s nothing quite like sitting down and enjoying some Xmas terror and excitment. I’m all about that stuff, so I’m always on the […]

Terrifying Kurt Russell Horror Western BONE TOMAHAWK Hitting DVD/Bluray on December 29th

Quite possibly the best directorial debut of the decade, S. Craig Zahler’s BONE TOMAHAWK is a horror/western hybrid that is guaranteed to send chills up your spine (review). It’s an impressive and shocking film, filled with absolutely wonderful performances from Kurt Russell, Matthew Fox, Patrick Wilson and Richard Jenkins, and features one of the most intense […]

Scream Factory Releasing James Spader/Jack The Ripper film JACK’S BACK in January

Quite easily one of James Spader’s best roles, 1988’s JACK’S BACK is an entertaining mystery/thriller that has been in need of a good HD (or SD) release. Thanks to the gang at Scream Factory, it looks like that’s exactly what’s coming, with the announcement of a DVD/Bluray combo of the Jack the Ripper tale, hitting shelves on January […]

HANNIBAL: Season Three Hits Shelves December 8th; Gag Reel, Deleted Scene and More Included

The third and final season of TV’s Hannibal is set to hit shelves next week (December 8th to be exact) and though it’ll be bittersweet to see what was easily television’s best show on come to DVD/Bluray and finally a home video end, there’s enough bonus material included to keep the most devout Fannibal happy. […]

Cult Classic SONNY BOY Gets January Bluray Release Via Scream Factory

Robert Martin Carroll’s 1989 shocker SONNY BOY is one odd film. Displaying one of David Carradine’s most memorable roles as a kidnapping transvestite, the film is an off-kilter horror gem, teaming Carradine with CRIMEWAVE star Paul L. Smith and the always entertaining Brad Dourif (CHILD’S PLAY, THE EXORCIST III) for a tale of violence and […]